Sånger från andra sidan

Sånger från andra sidan was a project that premiered in Sweden and Denmark in May 2022, featuring new compositions by swedish composers Erik Hanspers and Stina Hellberg Agback. Both composers wrote a suite of four pieces each for boys choir and harp. Erik Hanspers suite was called ”Sånger från andra sidan” and Stina Hellberg Agbacks suite was called ”Aften”. Each of the pieces was based upon a poem in swedish or danish by Hans Henriksen, Hulda Lütken, Edith Södergran and Karin Boye. The participating choirs were Lunds domkyrkas gosskör (SWE), Helsingborgs gosskör (SWE) and Frederiksborgs drengekor (DK). Harpist was Maria Boelskov Sørensen. Since the premiere the pieces have been revised for choir and piano. Furthermore, Jeg ville være som falken and Længsel are available in acappella versions. The suites contained the following pieces:

Erik Hanspers-Sånger från andra sidan

  1. Jeg ville være som falken (Hans Henriksen)
  2. Længsel (Hulda Lütken)
  3. Svalorna (Karin Boye)
  4. En strimma hav (Edith Södergran)

Stina Hellberg Agback-Aften (all poems by Hulda Lütken)

  1. Aften
  2. Solnedgang
  3. Skumring
  4. Natten & Epilog

The title Sånger från andra sidan translates to Songs from the other side. This can be understood in several ways: the distance between Sweden and Denmark, the abstract distance between the earthly and the divine. The project was planned during the pandemic and these songs can also be understood as messages that break through involuntary quarantine and isolation, as signals from a brighter future. These themes are also reflected in the poems. One important goal in the project was to let young singers sing in their neighbouring language, to create an understanding of the similarities within swedish and danish, two languages that are very similar but also have striking differences. The new music was performed in S:ta Maria kyrka, Helsingborg, May 21, Frederiksborgs slotskirke, May 22, and Lunds domkyrka, May 23.

An article about the project was published in the danish newspaper Sjællendske Nyheder: