Past projects

ARKIPELAG was a pen name or project name, under which I would gather compositions created with different techniques and points of departure, but with some sort of common yet undefined sentiment. The name ARKIPELAG was also used as the name for a suite in which the pieces could be performed in any given order. The compositions were named in such a way as to suggest different scenes and places in a film or theatre production to further enhance the ambiguity of the pieces and in some way underline the different ways in which they could resonate with and within the listener. 

In May 2017 several of these pieces were performed live in Västerås Konserthus by myself and fellow musician Jonne Bentlöv. Visuals at the concert were created live by GRUVFRUN, a group of visual artists. 



Jonne Bentlöv Quintet was started by trumpeter, multiinstrumentalist and producer Jonne Bentlöv in 2012 and consisted of Jonne Bentlöv-trumpet, Björn Jansson-sax, flutes, Erik Hanspers-piano & vibraphone, Lars Ekman-bass and Carl Ottosson-drums. Our first project was a CD-recording featuring music by jazz composer Lars Färnlöf (1942-1994). The group also performed original compositions by its members.