Most of my time is devoted to composing music for choir. Upcoming projects include a danish-swedish project with the Frederiksborg boys choir, Helsingborg boys choir and the boys choir of Lund cathedral.

My solo project ARKIPELAG came to life in 2014 when I began recording small snippets of music, using whatever instruments available, and then piecing them together with field recordings and non-musical sounds. The first pieces created were collage pieces which mixed such disparate sounds as harpsichord, schoolyard chatter, bird sounds and a bookshelf played with brushes. Gradually, the pieces became more evolved and I also invited other musicians to play on some tracks. In 2016 I played a concert in Västerås concerthouse assisted by fellow multiinstrumentalist Jonne Bentlöv. Visuals at the concert were made live by GRUVFRUN, a group of visual artists.

Jonne Bentlöv Quintet was started by trumpeter, multiinstrumentalist and producer Jonne Bentlöv in 2012 and consists of Jonne Bentlöv-trumpet, Björn Jansson-sax, flutes, Erik Hanspers-piano, vibraphone, Lars Ekman-bass and Carl Ottosson-drums. Our first project was a CD-recording featuring music by jazz composer Lars Färnlöf (1942-1994). In recent years the quintet has been shifting focus towards original compositions by the groups members.


Fredriksson/Hanspers/Lindberg Trio (folk/jazz/classical). Active between 2007 and 2017. Members were Peter Fredriksson-trombone, Erik Hanspers-piano, David Lindberg-double bass.

Erik Hanspers orkester (jazz). Active between 2007 and 2009. Members were Erik Hanspers-piano, Matilda Blomqvist-flutes, Jonne Bentlöv-trumpet, Peder Waern-double bass, Niclas Lindström-drums. The group played original compositions by Erik Hanspers.

Akibombo Arkestra (funk/afrobeat). Active between 2005 and 2010. Members: Jonne Bentlöv-trumpet, Jesper Zels-sax, flute, Peter Fredriksson-trombone, Philip Neterowicz-keys, Johan Sigroth-bass, Erik Hanspers-guitar, percussion, Carl Ottosson-drums, Jacob Johannesson-percussion, Kristin Amparo-vocals, Marino Valle-vocals. Performed at several breakdance events in Stockholm, for example ”The Session” at Kulturhuset in May 2008.

Krazy Fiesta (club/dancemusic). Erik Hanspers, Johan Sigroth and Jesper Andersson started producing remixes under the name Krazy Fiesta in 2005. We made official remixes for Familjen, Looptroop Rockers, O’Spada, Annie and Julia Spada to name a few. Active between 2005 and 2014.